Thursday, September 15, 2011

Satellite Antenna Mount

My Dad found me two telescope tripods with mounts on them. I wanted to modify one of these to hold my Arrow Antenna, so I could set it up, track a satellite and not have to hold it. Here is the result:

Basically, I took off the actual mount for the telescope off, by taking off the main nut on the mount. After a cleanup, I found a hole with a long bolt. I took 1/2 inch copper tubing, put a 1/2 coupler on the end, and modified some plastic spacers to create a tight fit onto the mount. Then I used crazy glue to seal the copper tube to the mount. Next, I found a long bolt, and put a bunch of metal pipes as weight on it to counter the weight of the antenna. Now, I can set my elevation (Inverted from the scale on the mount), and starting azimuth (Using a compass on the lens tray), and not be as busy while working a satellite pass.

TIP: Make sure the copper tube you push into the Arrow Antenna Frame is soft, or sanded just a little bit. This will allow you to adjust your polarization without messing with the direction

Now, I can put my iPhone on the mount instead of the antenna to see where I am pointed.