Saturday, September 10, 2011

Troubleshooting/Setup APRX on OpenWRT

Here are some troubleshooting steps I used when I was building my first iGate into a WRT54GL router.

See my original build:

When I was troubleshooting, I found an app that was a virtual console port, that allowed me to see a comm port from the CLI. I used "minicom" and it was really helpful in troubleshooting my data connection to the TT4. You will have to install the package, which is available through the packages on the web interface.

From the CLI, issue:
Minicom -s
Set it like the screenshot.

Then exit, and it will automatically open your serial port. If you are getting data, you should see a stream when the TT4 decodes packets (if your RXAMP is not set properly, you could also reboot the TT4, and you should get some text when it is booting.) If you don't get anything, verify the baud speeds (I found it easier to change the speed of the TT4, than the speed of the serial port, because the unit (OpenWRT/Router) outputs data during boot up. After booting is complete, the port is made available to use but with 9600 baud. If you have the TT4 set at the wrong baud, you may still see stuff, but it will be all garbage on the terminal. If all of the hardware is good, you should see something like this screenshot, mostly readable data.)

If you still have problems, try the folling until you have better results:
Verify you have a ground between all of the devices (floating grounds will screw up data)
Try flipping the data lines.
Are you converting the RS232 into TTL 3.3v for the WRT54G router?

Good luck