Wednesday, October 26, 2011

APRSIS32 for Fox Hunting

I enjoy Radio Direction Finding, or Fox Hunting, and I have found a easy way to locate the transmitter. Utilizing APRSISCE/32, I can store the maps of the area offline onto my computer, and easy navigate them. I linked a GPS to my computer, to track my location. This is a screenshot of the last chase I was on. I was able to locate the transmitter on the 3rd beacon.

Lynn (The Author of the app) has worked hard, and the program makes it really easy to use DF Objects. I simply put my mouse in the general direction I am looking, on the map, and right click. From there, I can place a DF Symbol, that will show the slice I am projecting the transmitter is located. After a few of these, it is really easy to narrow down to a specific area.


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