Monday, March 14, 2011

FM Radio Broadcasts on Apple Products

iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 has an FM Receiver and an FM Transmitter. But don't expect to be able to record your local radio station, or transmit your tunes wirelessly to your stereo in the car.

According to a complete tardown by, the iPhone4 and the iPad 2 uses the Broadcom BCM4329 for connectivity. It boasts 802.11N with Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR AND FM (TX AND RX). 
Do a quick Google search, and you will find a lot of apps that will let you listen to the radio, however none of them will be using this hardware feature, all of them will be internet radio. Its a shame that Apple locks out features like an FM Receiver, and a Transmitter, all in the name of maintaining its iTunes Marketplace. What is really disturbing is, the 2nd Generation iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone 3GS, and all of the newer versions of what I just listed, all have the capability in the hardware to at least receive FM radio broadcasts.

This shows that Apple has the capability to make their current products better, but wont enable those features because of fear it would hurt its profits on iTunes, not to mention opening a new can of worms over DRM. I remember recording FM radio onto cassettes, what happened to those days? Its not like it is completely banned, after all, I have a voice recorder with an FM receiver, that records directly to MP3.

And Apple wonders why people jailbreak their devices....

iPad 2

iPod Touch (2nd Generation)

iPhone 3GS

iPad (1st Generation)