Monday, February 22, 2010

Allstar Node

I started building an Allstar Node today. I am relatively inexperienced with Linux but I understand a lot of the concepts and like a challange.

Hardware is an Ingrian i10 EdgeSecure, 800 MHz, 512 RAM. 2 USB 1.1 ports and a VIA soundcard that during tests on Windows XP, decodes packet radio quite well, so it's not a cheapo onboard soundcard like I was expecting. What is really cool about this setup, it runs from a 12v power pack, and only consumes 19 watts while running. It is a little more during startup, but if I replace the HDD with a Flash card, I can get that down to about 15 watts.

After the initial extract, it will need an Internet connection, an it will update itself, which takes a while. Phase 1 post Install downloaded just over 60 items for updating, taking about 10 minutes. Then it did some tests,and more online updates, about 104. That took about 20 minutes, 74 MB. 3rd update process, 13 updates, 14 MB. Phase 2 Post Install, reboot and a bunch of checks and scripts run. Part way through you will see an Astrisk logo made of $ and 7. It looks like it also compiles everything onto the system. No indicators during Phase 2. Then more updates, and a few checks and more scripts, then it will ask you for a initial root password and for some setup data like node number. If you use this script, it will add the string to the /etc/asterisk/iax.conf file for you.

From there, I began referencing the following: